This blog is, at heart, an “understanding human nature” project.  Specifically, it’s about my quest to develop a deeper understanding of  types of creatures we are — and how we got to be this way — through a scientific and evolutionary lens.  I guess you could say I’m an armchair dilettante of applied-theoretical-evolutionary biology, if there even is such a thing.  But maybe that’s too kind?   Basically, I’m a cheerleader for collective learning about the collective journey….toward collectivity….and connectivity.  From an evolutionary perspective.

In the articles I write, I try to distill academic insights and arguments into accessible, relevant, and readily digestible narratives about human origins.  Guaranteed I have failed at this.  BUT there may also be some wins in there.   My goal is to create “aha” and “wow” moments, and to bring the world of scholarly ideas to entirely new audiences – and new audiences to it.

 Learn more about me:  about.me/ryan.chynces


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